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Spring delights in the Billy’s Kitchen

28th March, 2022

We absolutely love Spring at Billy’s On The Beach. From the warmer sunny spring days to beautiful walks along the beach and the flowers popping up on our way through the village. But what gets us even more excited is the culinary favourites we have in store as the season changes.

From the garden:

  • Asparagus – we love to grill ours and coat with a garlic butter
  • Broad peans, peas and radishes – we have a fresh seasonal salad on our Specials Board every day at this time of the year, and we love using the freshest garden ingredients
  • Strawberries – from our ice cream sundaes to decorations for our homemade cakes to being the star of the slow in our desserts, we absolutely love a British Strawb!
  • Artichokes – delicious griddled, baked, and pickled, we love an artichoke starter
  • New Potatoes – we serve the very freshest fish, caught locally and grilled to perfection. When fish is that fresh, often all you need is a New Potato and a lemon butter to finish it off!

From the sea:

  • Scallops – these are at their sweetest at this time of the year, incredible with black pudding, Chorizo or simply with a good helping of salt, pepper and butter
  • Crab – our crab salads with locally baked crusty bread are one of our biggest hits from Spring through to Summer. You can’t beat it!
  • Plaice – every day, we change up our specials board to reflect what’s caught fresh that day – it’s the only way to get the freshest fish to your plate every day!
  • Sea Bass – from May onwards, Sea Bass comes in to its own, and is a regular favourite with Billy’s customers.

At Billy’s On The Beach, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest local ingredients, from our bread, baked in Splits bakery to our vegetables from Munneries in East Wittering village. Our menu changes daily to reflect the best of the season.

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